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began in August 2005 as Hurricane Katrina victims emigrated from New Orleans to Douglasville, GA, a western suburb of Atlanta.  Many of the storm-ravaged families relocated to our community needing furniture, beds, and appliances as they moved into apartments, rental homes, and trailers.  Via email, we asked our friends to donate these items which were freely provided as God’s people had need, along with prayer and referral to other resources.

As time progressed, God revealed more of His plan for Faith In Action.  We began to create a relationship-based network of churches, ministries, business, and civic organizations as a means to serve people in need on behalf of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Still later, we learned that Faith In Action was created not just to serve the poor but to build unity within the Body of Christ and further a spiritual transformation of Douglas County, Georgia.

Before He was glorified, Jesus prayed that we would be brought to complete unity, “to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” John 17:23

our team

Pick-up and Delivery: Paul Zachos, Sam Hudson, Don Belk, First United Methodist Church; Mark Trow, Jack Clay, Ed Stir, Eric Phillips, Beau McClain, Sherman Barnes, Tracy Gilmore, Chris Grover, Church at Chapel Hill; Bob McGinniss, Mark DeNyse, Buckhead Church; Randy, William, and Kathy Brown, Crossroads Church; Chip Butts, Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church; Charles Solomon, Cornerstone Baptist Church; Pastor Jimmy Marr, WestHills Church

FIA Caseworker Manager and Scheduler: Alma George, Crossroads Church; additional caseworkers, Midge Ortiz, Carla Cox, Sandra Price, Church at Chapel Hill

Information Services and Logistics: Larry Toney, First Presbyterian Church; Keith Davis, Crossroads Church; Grady Boggs, First United Methodist Church, Ken Flick, St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church.

Website Designer & Editor:  Jack Clay, Church at Chapel Hill

Ephesus Baptist Church FIA Team Leader: Missy Holmes

Church at Chapel Hill FIA Team Leader: Mark Trow

Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church FIA Team Leader: Chip Butts

Cornerstone Baptist Church FIA Team Leader: Charles Solomon

WestHills Church FIA Team Leader: Pastor Jimmy Marr

Villa Rica FIA Team Leader: Troy Vaughn


13 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Mr Slow Wrench says:

    Awesome Ministry!!

  2. marye says:

    Thanks so much Paul and Beau! Phenomenal ministry. Our Lord is standing in Heaven cheering you on!!!!!

  3. Barbie Cowan says:

    I just wanted to Thank God for Faith in Action….for providing me with a car!!!!! Wow what a supprise it was!!!! may the Lord bless you!!!!!

  4. MOG says:

    FIA is an awesome ministry and it is a joy to serve with the men of God in Douglas County. We believe we should get off the couch and serve others. What’s so cool about that is, we get blessed too, maybe even more than the recipient of the goods.
    God is great!
    John 4:13,14

  5. Marie says:

    Thank you Mike and Mark of Faith In Action for the beds that you brought to my home this past Saturday. I am trying to put my home back together and get my children back with me and this is such a help. Merry Christmas and God bless you both.

  6. Barbie Cowan says:

    Thank you again Faith in Action for all that you done for me in 2009 WOW…I got home today from The Church at Chapel Hill where I gave my cardboard testimony of loosing it all in a drug addiction….BUT He makes all things new,Restores what was lost!!! When I walked in my house I Smiling and still am at the furniture in my livingroom….I LOVE IT!!! You all are AWESOME…keep it up….you have made 2009 one to remember!!! God Bless!!

  7. Breana says:

    This is Breana writing to say thank you ever so much for what you and your team has done for me and my family, but my greater thanks goes to the Lord Jesus Christ for choosing you and your team for all of your selfless service to spread the word of God and also send a message of hope to those who may be discouraged due to this economic crisis. I pray a flooding of blessings upon you and your team at Faith In Action.

    I thank God for you and your team and I pray that you will bless many people like you have blessed me and my family, not only for the appliances and furniture but for the willings spirit you and your team have to serve faithfully our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Thank you,

    Breana and Franco

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  12. kids mgmt says:

    Thank you for developing this website. The stories here are worth reading many times over in order to refresh us time and time again to do good and positive things and inspire or influence others to do the same.

  13. Thank. It makes me feel great when I read all these stories. It helps me from hopelessness and make me more stronger to fly… thank… for everything. Love

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